is our attempt at a genealogical information website that belongs to Joan McVichie of Ottawa, Ontario Canada and is dedicated to our particular branch of the McVichie family tree.  Here we will try to document and map the heritage of the McVichie name from the viewpoint of our landing in what is a small corner of the province of Ontario (formerly Upper Canada) in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s.

Perhaps as the site becomes recognized by others tracing their own geneology, we can incorporate new information from direct and indirect branches of the McVichie clan/family that expands on what we already have.  If you are a McVichie descendant or are related to one, then feel free to  send along an E-mail with some information and maybe we can make a connection between family branches that we were not aware of and add that to this website.

In general, the purpose is to keep this site relatively modest in size for ease of use.  But perhaps it can be connected “Wikipedia”-style to other similar geneology sites that were connected to or married into the McVichie family history.
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