McVichie/ MacVichie Families
This is quite a rare name, and much curiosity has been expressed as to it's origin. Records that we have say that they were part of the McDonald family, a branch who settled at an early date at Glenquaich, and from there moved across to the south side of Loch Tay in Ardtalnaig. They claimed to be descendants  from Celestine or Michael  MacDonalds who came from the  neighbourhood of Aberdeen. Facts and dates are not clear. Many were buried in the Ardtalnaig  graveyard, (which goes back to pagan times) but there are no headstones visible as they have sunk down and became covered. People were buried in layers there. Reverend Gillies, the minister of Kenmore Church (author of " In Famed Breadalbane"), started a movement to raise a trust fund to provide an income for the upkeep of the old graveyard and it was secured by subscriptions circling the globe.

Location in Scotland before emigration
Ardrannage  Farm owned by Donald McVichie & John McLaren.  It was located on the South Side of Loch Tay according to the survey of 1769 by Farquharson and McArthur.  It was leased in 1777 to two tenants (neither of whom was a tenant in the farm in 1769)  for twenty-one years at a rent of 12 pounds and six bolls of oatmeal. They were to build dry stone walls as the Earl might prescribe, and were each to furnish a man and a horse for ten days. They were allowed sums of 28 cows and 9 horses or mares, harrowers included. Harrowers were kept to bring down the peats from the mosses.

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