History of the Name
In the book "The Surnames of Scotland" by George Frazer Black, he states that McVichie is a Perthshire, Scotland surname, a variant of McMichie, (latin meaning: 'go and see'). It was said to be a common personal name in the Breadalbane area up to the mid 1800’s1. The name is often spelled in older texts as MacVichie as well.

McMichie or in common Scottish parlance; 'son of Michie,' was said to be closely connected to  Donald, thane of Cawdor, in the lands of Dunmaglass in 1414.

In "The Highland Clans of Scotland" a book by George Eyre-Todd, it states that name Michie, is listed as being a descentdant of or under the Forbes clan.

In the book titled "Infamed Breadalbane" by Reverend  Gillies, it states that McVichie was an alias of the name McDonald.  Some early direct descendants of our particular branch of the McVichie clan found in the historical records  were  Donald  McVichie of Fearnon (Born:1616), William of Aleckich (Born: 1618), and Duncan (Born: 1729) who was an elder at the Kenmore church, and resided near Archarn.  Later there was also another Donald - Donald of Ardradnaig, (Born: 1763).The last of this family to reside in this district was Donald, alias McDonald who died at the village of Archarn. The descendants of Donald of Ardradnaig, emigrated to Canada about the beginning of the next century (1817) and settled in area of Bainsville, also known as Curry Hill, in the township of Lancaster of Glengarry county at the far eastern tip of Ontario.

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