Early McVichie/MacVichie Emigration
Some families who emigrated from Scotland to Canada between 1815 and 1817 did so in response to the special emigration policy proclaimed by the Right Honourable Earl of Bathurst. He was one of the principal Secretaries of the British government at the time. By this policy the British government encouraged families from Ireland, Scotland and England to emigrate to Canada if the would-be emigrants could meet certain conditions:

  1. The British government offer was to provide free passage to those families who would make a deposit of 16 pounds sterling for each male member over 16 years of age, and who could provide a certificate of good character for the head of the family.
  2. For every female member of a family who was a wife, a deposit of 2 guineas each was required.
  3. To those families who could meet these first requirements, in addition to free passage the British government offer would provide each family with 100 acres of land on arrival to Canada.

Our direct ancestors Mac/McVichies took advantage of this Emigration offer and set up as tenants in a home and farm on Lot 6, 2nd Concession of Lancaster Township, Glengarry County in Upper Canada which is now the province of Ontario. They later received a document stating this was a donation of Crown Land, and also were allotted a 100 acres on the third concession directly north of this Lot.

Duncan MacVichie and his wife Helen Robertson emigrated to Canada in the summer of 1817. As of this update, the port they left from, and the name of the ship they sailed on are not known. Sadly, a 2-year-old son named John died August 2, 1817 on the way over to Canada. Fortuitously, a newborn son Peter was born on the boat in the Lachine area the night before arrival in Canada. He is in the top left picture. His brother Donald in the top right picture was age 12 on arrival. Their mother Helen is in the top centre picture.
They arrived at Montreal, Québec on Sept. 17, 1817.

Sadly again, a 7-year-old son named Duncan died on December 20th just 3 months after they arrived.

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